50 KM/H
2480-3350 MM

AM 3400 SPC

This model of the plough was especially designed for light trucks and tractors and snow ploughing works in cities. Total weight of the plough is only 645 kg, what makes possible to use it for big variety of base machines. Also safety system against road obstacles is changed so that plough can go over obstacles of significant height, plus it's totally maintenance free. From other hand all blade segments copy road profile individually what improves snow ploughing result a lot.

Special attention is paid to noise level during ploughing - wear blades as standard are done from wear resistant rubber, wing of the plough - from polyethylene. All together - it's the most silent plough from Arctic Machine range. Plough wing has polished surface from inner side what prevents snow sticking on it. Also material is resistant against salt agressive environment.

Swivel angle 42° is kept like in all other our ploughs. From one nad - it helps to plough work like high-speed plough where possible, and at the same time stay very compact in city conditions with heavy traffic. Swiveling function is available in all speed range.

  • Mechanical following of longitudinal and lateral road profile
  • Low weight of the plough
  • Safety system against road obstacles
  • Different wear blades available
Working width 2480-3350 mm
WIng height 1150 mm
Ploughing angle 42° - 0 - 42°
Blade attack angle 80 °
Weight 645 kg