60 KM/H
2950-4000 MM

AM 4000 FMC

AM 4000 FMC is full-swiveling front plough with cylindrical wing and fixed blade. Attack angle of the main blade agressive (40°) and ensure low snow cutting resistance, what reduce fuel consumption of base truck during high speed snow ploughing works. This plough models fits well for local roads and roads which are maintained under compressed snow layer.

Swiveling angle to both sides is 42° what is minimally sufficient for ensuring fast snow transfer inside of the wing at high ploughing speed. Moreover, deep wing shape and snow protection visor always keep clean windshield and mirrors of truck to ensure maximum safety of road maintenance works.

AM 4000 FMC fits well also for tractors with power of the engine starting from 150 hp.

  • Simple and reliable design proven by tens of years
  • Double blade readiness
  • Mechanical following longitudinal and lateral road profile
  • Swiveling function is available at all ploughing speed range
Working width 2950-4000 mm
Swiveling angle 42°- 0 - 42°
Blade attack angle 40 °
Weight 1040 kg
Possibility of double blade installation Yes