60 KM/H
3100-4270 MM

AM D 3100 K

AM D 3100 K - traditional diagonal plough with increased height of the wing. Due to agressive attack angle of the blade, entirely bent wing and well calculated aerodynamics - plough easily raise up snow, roll it and ensure maximum throwing distance. This reduce frequency of the need to cut and move snow banks away from road sideways by grader. Moreover, enough high raising up snow into plough wing ensure overthrowing the road railings by snow mass, what reduce need of use snow blowers in such places.

  • 50 years experience in development of such ploughs
  • Over 30 unique technical solutions
  • High speed ploughing
  • Snow bank cutting
  • Reduced fuel consumption
Working width 3100-4270 mm
Maximum wing height 1550 mm
Swiveling angle 0 - 46 °
Blade attack angle 40 °
Weight 1070 kg