60 KM/H
3100-4270 MM

AM D 3100 KT2

Traditional diagonal plough with aerodynamic wing with long-distance throwing properties. Plough has double blade system as standard which makes cleaning result much better in wet conditions. Double blade (T2) is segmented and each segment is following lateral road profile individually. Due to special shape of double blade holders and hydraulic pressing towards road surface each segment has significant stroke in vertical direction what makes possible to follow even deep track on the asphalt surface. Agressive attack angle reduces cutting resistance and by this - fuel consumption of the truck.

Double blade, wear disk support, front snow visor, obstacle overjumping device are inscluded into base equipments.

  • 50 years experience into development of such ploughs
  • Over 30 unique technical solutions
  • High ploughing speed
  • Longitudinal and lateral following the road profile
  • Reduced fuel consumption
Working width 3100-4270 mm
Maximum wing height 1350 mm
Swiveling angle 0 - 44 °
Blade attack angle 40 °
Weight 1290 kg