60 KM/H
3300-4575 MM

AM D 3300 K

AM D 3300 K - the biggest diagonal plough. Unique feature of all our D-ploughs is swiveling function that allow to turn the wing perpendicular to the axis of motion, what allows to make efficient cleaning works of roundabouts, sharp turnings, bus stops and parking places near the roads. Wing is closed from the left side so that plough is not losing snow back to the road in such perpendicular position. Also this model has higher wing model comparing to models equipped with double blade and is designed mostly for cleaning of frosty dry snow with its throwing at maximum distance out of the road.

  • 50 years experience into development of this plough models
  • Over 30 unique technical solutions
  • High ploughing speed
  • Possibility of snow bank cutting
  • Reduced fuel consumption
Working width 3300-4575 mm
Maximum wing height 1550 mm
Swiveling angle 0 - 46 °
Blade attack angle 40 °
Weight 1100 kg