90 KM/H
4900 MM

AM SHJ 222 J

AM SHJ 222 J - is unique design of Arctic Machine. It's the biggest side plough in the world which allows to reach 9,3m cleaning width together with front plough, what is enough to clean 2-lines highway with sideway as well by 1 pass. Plough is equiped with 30cm long flexible blade elements which are precisely following road surface. Similar flexible blade is in use at our modern front ploughs. As the same time attack angle of the plough stays agressive what allows easy cut snow and ice from the road surface at high speed even and forward material into aerodynamic wing. Serious advantage of our ploughs is precise tight connection of all parts to each other and technical impossibility for snow and slush go through connections of parts, leaving stripes of snow on the road after ploughing.

Plough has connection to chassis in 2 places what positively influences for steering truck during snow ploughing and weight distribution to base machine. Powerful hydraulic cylinder gives possibility to adjust ploughing angle at all speed range and has hydraulic protection from overloading. Road following in longitudinal and lateral directions is done by proven mechanical way and is the most reliable from possible alternatives, as well as cheapest to implement it.

  • Over 45 smart and modern technical solutions
  • Working width together with front plough up to 9,3m
  • Aerodynamic wing
  • Up to 90 km/h ploughing speed
Minimum wing height 550 mm
Maximum wing height 1370 mm
Maximum working width 4900 mm
Ploughing angle 3 ° - 48 °
Flexible blade Yes