30 KM/H
2500 MM

AM 250 OSB

Back sweeper for tractors AM 250 OSB is designed for all year round use at roads, streets and airports.

Big diameter of brush discs and powerful hydraulic motor ensure working speed till 30 km/h. In all speed range swiveling function is available for 30° to each side. This help to move material very fast to the sides giving excellent sweeping result. Floating device allows to copy road profile to all direction and special shock absorbers make sweeping process smooth. Also for driver comfort there is indication of floating mode.

To prevent any distruction of hydraulic motor sweeper has anti-cavitation valve as standard.

  • Dust preventing function and LED lights if needed
  • Storage legs as standard
  • Aluminum cover and adjustable rubber mudguard
Outer brush disc diameter 915 mm
Maximum transport width 2869 mm
Amount of brush discs 51 pcs
Maximum working width up to 2500 mm
Swiveling angle to left and right 30 - 0 - 30 degr
Weight 484 kg


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